The Future is Here: 3D-Printing Tattoo Machine in Action!

The Future is Here: 3D-Printing Tattoo Machine in Action!

The principle is simple: give a design to a machine, and let it tattoo it on the skin of the customer. Anecdotal or future reality?

You may have already seen this article and video on the first experiment of a 3D printing tattoo machine. Join us again for an exclusive interview with the inventors, a team of former French students. 

Indeed, improvements have been made to the invention. "We have transformed the head of the machine by adding a Z axle and a system of haptic sensor we have imagined, to give the best answer possible to the body’s different reliefs." 

Haptic technology is a tactile feedback technology often used in video games to give almost real sensations to players, but also used in industry as the possibility to give "senses" to machines and help them comprehend our 3D world.

These modifications to the original machines were a huge step forward for the young inventors. "We quickly become aware that the outlooks of the machines were leading to other application fields than tattoo, so we conducted experiences in the design, fashion, electronic and even biologic areas."

The public’s feelings to the first video and concept of the machine has been really mixed. Some were attracted by innovation, others answered that nothing could replace the human link between the customer and the tattoo artist. 

"We are very happy [about] all the different feedbacks we had. This allow us to affirm our will to give a new tool to tattooists, without replacing the existing trade but by increasing the possibilities. We are convinced by the interest of the digital : it’s not here to copy what the hand is making already very well, but to open other outlooks. With our tool, we are developing softwares allowing to perform a multitude of data translating into patterns."

Could this be the future of geometric tattoos ? Geometric artists are already using computing to create their designs, could they program machines to ink their clients in the future ?

"Being very sensible to the different evolutions of tattoo, the reflection behind the machine is forcing us to question the existing reality. There were prejudices at the release of the electric tattoo machine, and decades later, we can see the artistic wealth it brought. It is what encourages us to break the walls between the different world, designers, tattooists, tattooed, artists and science."

So, could you imagine a future with tattoos done by machines ? Perhaps, one day, you will go to the tattoo shop to be inked by your robot-tattoo artist… Scary or exciting ? Time (and people) will tell.
More videos HERE. All images are the property of Appropriate Audiences. Thanks to Pierre, Johan and Piotr for their answers.
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