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The Girl From Ipanema: Lovely Pin-up Tattoos

The Girl From Ipanema: Lovely Pin-up Tattoos

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These beautiful pin-up tattoos are mainstays of tattoo iconography, and we can see why!

The artistic renditions of women are innumerable. Countless paintings, drawings, and sculptures sit in museums and galleries across the globe gathering the wondrous gaze of many an audience. And who can blame them? When such beauty is before you, how difficult is it not to stare? So, with these icons of tattooing, we wonder how often the owners of these pieces catch themselves checking out their own pin-up tattoos...fully taken and enamored by their gorgeous gams and flirty eyelashes. There are, obviously, an insane variety of female characters and looks, so it's always interesting to see which dream girl will end up on someones skin.

Of course, if you go waaaaay back into human history you can find, perhaps, the first female form in artistic rendition: the famed Venus statues of prehistoric and ancient eras. However, these don't really fit the bill when you think "pin-up tattoo"...some of them are even missing their heads and arms. Really, the age of Bettie Page, Betty Grable and the illustrations of Alberto Vargas ushered in those ideas of full hipped, bathing beauties that we now have. But, of course, ideas of beauty change....from lovely Marilyn Monroes of the 1940's and 50's we somehow ended up in the 90's with waifs that channeled more heroin fueled party nights than lavender scented, satin covered bedrooms.

It seems these days there isn't really a "look" associated with the Western ideal of beauty...and that's what makes these pin-up tattoos so much fun! Each one has her own personality, looks, and style. Some are old school, some are new school, some straddle's all up to the artist and client to create something really cool. And if you're ever stuck, we've included some tattoos that used vintage Percy Waters flash...because you can't go wrong with OG American Traditional. What would your pin-up tattoo look like? Who's your dream girl?

Written byTattoodo

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