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The Girl With the Matchsticks: Interview with Laura Yahna

The Girl With the Matchsticks: Interview with Laura Yahna

Tattoo Artists3 min Read

In this interview with Laura Yahna we talk about Berlin, horror flicks, and freehand tattoos.

The haunting eyes of harpies stare out from under their wild manes, birds serenely stand while varied botanicals and spooky stairs wind their way around the skin in a graceful dance of black ink. These are the musings of Laura Yahna. Known for her free handed depictions of dark art, her portfolio is one that hints at a world full of magical brujas whispering their esoteric secrets into the natural universe. 

What is your artistic background? Did you always want to be an artist?

Your style is immediately recognizable as your own, especially due to the fact that you consistently freehand your work. Can you talk about what visuals, books, films, or artists (tattooists or not) inspire your work and how your style has evolved over the years? What is it about freehanding that you enjoy so much?

You’re also an artist that regularly collabs on rather big projects. Can you talk about the process of working with two artists and a client to create a work of art? Why do you think collaborating is such a strong part of your work as an artist?

I’ve had many friends pick up and leave the US to go and live in Berlin. I’ve heard it is an incredibly queer and arts friendly space that welcomes progressive exploration and creation. What are your thoughts on this? What is the arts community like there and why do you think Berlin is a conducive environment for the arts?

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

Social Producer, Journalist, Editor, and Curator for Tattoodo I am here to support you 🌻 IG: @lathe.of.heaven

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