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The Haunting Blackwork of Laura Yahna

The Haunting Blackwork of Laura Yahna

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Laura Yahna will pull you into her spiralling, dark world of spooky girls and deep blackwork tattoos.

If Tim Burton had been a tattoo artist, Laura Yahna would be the daughter he would have been proud of. Her works are basking in darkness, fright, and just the right amount of charm to them — pretty much like your standard Tim Burton film. You can't miss the soulless stares of her portraits and her strangely adorable creatures from the underworld. Fans of Emily the Strange and Edward Scissorhands will undoubtedly find comfort in the works of Laura.

The talented artist does both palm-sized and large-scale pieces. On larger tattoos, Laura uses the blackout technique by inking over large areas and uses solid linework and pointillism to make her design stand out. While her works are heavily infused with goth undertones, the blackworker hasn't directly described her specific tattoo style yet.

I can totally see Laura's creations in a graphic novel I'd definitely pay good money for. Her distinct style would make an excellent theme for dark humor and horror themes. But I don't think we'd see Laura Yahna taking over our shelves anytime soon though. She agrees that it's a great idea but would be ‘too much work.’ At least we still have her tattoos.

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