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The Hybridized Style of Coen Mitchell's Animal Portraits

The Hybridized Style of Coen Mitchell's Animal Portraits

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Coen Mitchell has invented his own unique style of ornamental tattoo that he calls "mosaic flow," and it's perfect for tattoos of critters.

We're all living in a wonderful age of hybrid art, in which artists are mixing different genres and mediums in order to create truly avant-garde work. This method of combining is a tried and true art form (see: the entire Surrealist movement), and its translation onto skin is just as glorious.

The shine that Coen Mitchell detailed in this emperor monkey's eyes gives it a sagely look. #avantgarde #animals #CoenMitchell #emperormonkey #mosaicflow #flow #hybrid #mosaic #ornamental #traditional

Take Coen Mitchell's envelope-pushing work. He has combined elements from several disciplines of tattooing — traditional and ornamental among them — using various techniques in order to create what he has dubbed as "mosaic flows." The aesthetic of the resulting style is exquisite to say the least, and we at Tattoodo have decided to showcase it for you in the form of Mitchell's animal portraits, because, let's be honest, critters are just the best.

Mitchell uses the term mosaic flow to describe his tattoos because of their recombinant nature. It's amazing how he brings together such a wide array of approaches to tattooing to create this vibrant ornamentation that collectively makes more definable images like these zoological busts.  

It's astonishing how many techniques are packed into each of these tattoos. Mitchell incorporates bold line work, subtle shading, complex patterning, slight stippling, and a touch of color to accentuate every piece. This versatile approach to tattooing makes his work stand out in an auteur manner. His mosaic flows are truly one of a kind.

If you liked touring this menagerie of ornate tattoos, you can see more of them on Mitchell's website. He's also on Instagram. If you want a tattoo from this genre-blurring artist, visit his shop in Auckland, NZ, and get your very own faithful animal companion for life.

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Written byRoss Howerton

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