The Impressive And Precise Geometric Tattoos Of Karl Marks

The Impressive And Precise Geometric Tattoos Of Karl Marks

Montreal is the place to go for crisp geometric tattoos. When you see a tattoo by Karl Marks - you will know why.

Karl Marks specializes in geometric tattoos and he does it well. With no outlines to his tattoos, he uses precision and skill to create crisp edges to each and every shape within the piece. 

I see geometric tattoos as a puzzle for the artist. They strip the idea down to its bare necessities, then rebuild it with shapes of various sizes and colors.

While the geometric tattoo style is made up primarily of triangles, Karl also adds a combination of different sizes and shapes to create softness, taking away some of the severe and jagged angles. 

You'll see that there is no limit to what the geometric style can be applied to. Every tattoo by Karl Marks incorporates geometric shapes within silhouettes and recognizable items. In his portrait tattoos he manages to mesh geometric elements for a bold and unusual style. 

Forget what you've previously thought of geometric tattoos and take a look at the impressive work of Karl Marks- I promise that every single tattoo by Karl Marks will leave you impressed.

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