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‘The Inborn Absolute’ by Robert Ryan

‘The Inborn Absolute’ by Robert Ryan

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This book is full of esoteric paintings and conversations between famous tattooists and musicians about mysticism in the arts.

Robert Ryan’s The Inborn Absolute is not just a beautiful art book, it is a spiritual odyssey. Aside from showcasing Ryan's paintings and sketches from the last half-decade, it also includes contributions from legendary tattooist Freddy Corbin and experimental artist and musician Genesis P-Orridge. There are also introductions by art critic Andrew Berardini and Joan of Arc’s vocalist Tim Kinsella. 

A painting by Robert Ryan from The Inborn Absolute (IG—robertryan323). #artbook #paintings #RobertRyan #TheInbornAbsolute

“The paintings I am sharing in the following pages are distillations of distant cultures, esoteric cults, and ancient technologies. Most of these aspects are expressions of stories taught to me by shamans, sadhus, magicians, and fakirs,” writes Ryan in the foreword of his book. “It was a path perfectly mapped out and swept clear for me by the grace of the divine.” 

One of Robert Ryan's paintings in The Inborn Absolute (IG—robertryan323). #artbook #paintings #RobertRyan #TheInbornAbsolute

The book also features a roundtable with Ryan, P-Orridge, and Kinsella about their respective philosophies of art, senses of spirituality, and how it all fits in with the political discourse of today’s world. They talk about strange and provocative subjects like fetuses smiling at the cosmic joke of existence, the hypocritical perceptions toward factory farms versus Santeria, having out of body experiences, and even a letter that Charles Manson sent P-Orridge from prison. For as bizarre and wide-ranging as their conversation is, it gives incredible insight into the nature of the universe and humanity’s place in the greater scheme of things. 

If you like to pick up a copy of The Inborn Absolute, here’s the link to where you can purchase it. To see some of Ryan’s more recent artwork as well as his tattoos, pay a visit to his Instagram. He works at Electric Tattoo in Asbury Park, New Jersey and can be reached at for consultations, should you desire a mystical piece of body art from him.

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