The Intense Blackwork Tattoos of Felipe Kross

The Intense Blackwork Tattoos of Felipe Kross

Experience blackwork like you never had before with Brazilian tattoo artist Felipe Kross' intense, detailed, and sensual blackwork tattoos.

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil is a skilled blackwork tattoo artist the world has yet to recognize. 

Tattooing at his aptly named shop, The New Black Inc., Felipe brings us his personal blackwork infused with precise pointillism and his versatility in order to create unique, custom pieces. The Brazilian tattooer mostly works on large scale pieces but still manage to put incredible detail in smaller designs. He's never stingy with the details, that's what anyone who plans on getting tattooed by him should keep in mind. 

Felipe doesn't screw around with designs, either. While he keeps his distinct style in his tattoos, he's very versatile when it comes to subjects. He does portraits, animals, illustrative and conceptual designs, and even Japanese. The only thing that might get in your way really when it comes to getting a Felipe Kross piece is distance. São Paulo, Brazil, it is then!

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