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The Kitschy Folk Art-Inspired Tattoos of Winston Whale

The Kitschy Folk Art-Inspired Tattoos of Winston Whale

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Because ultra cool anaglyph 3D tattoos aren't the only things Winston Whale is kickass good at.

Here's something more from Winston Whale, 3D tattoo extraordinaire of Instagram, that does not involve fun and simple tattoos in booming red and blue.

Portland-based tattoo artist Dave, also known as Winston Whale, may not have invented anaglyph 3D tattoos but he definitely perfected it. He made waves early this year for his whimsical red and blue pieces that will remind you of those cardboard glasses that allow you to see exciting things like dinosaurs through stereoscopic 3D effect in books and movies. In fact, I still get excited by these things. 

Anaglyph 3D mountain tattoo by Winston Whale. #WinstonWhale #winstonthewhale contemporary #trippy #3d #mountain #anaglyph

But his talent does not begin and end with his fun anaglyph tattoos. In fact, Dave gets to unleash his creativity on his other designs that he describes as folk art-inspired. These tattoos are made up of technicolor and multi-colored linework, geometric-like elements, and other kooky details that will make it even more difficult not to love his tattoos.

Folk-art inspired toucan tattoo by Winston Whale. #WinstonWhale #winstonthewhale #folk #folkart #contemporary #trippy #toucan #bird

When his anaglyph 3D tattoo blew up on social media, he got the chance to talk to Huffington Post about his stuff, telling them, “It’s really about delivering something that is stripped down to the basics for maximum impact.” He uses the same approach for his other tattoos, stripping them down to one-dimensional folk-art inspired creations amplified by different components that ultimately make them unique.

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Folk-art inspired tattoo by Winston Whale. #WinstonWhale #winstonthewhale #folk #folkart #contemporary #trippy #bird

All photos from Winston Whale's Instagram!

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