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The Last Guardian's Hero is a Child Covered in Tattoos

The Last Guardian's Hero is a Child Covered in Tattoos

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The young boy that you play as in the upcoming game The Last Guardian has lots of body art.

The much anticipated video game for Play Station 4 (PS4), The Last Guardian, features a main character who is both very young and covered from head to toe in tattoos. Aside from the already mounting controversy surrounding the action adventure and puzzle game's much delayed release, it also ventures into the realm of taboo (though few critics have taken note of this yet) through featuring this heavily inked child as its protagonist, making it even more interesting.

The cover art for The Last Guardian. #childtattoos #PS4 #taboo #TheLastGuardian #videogames

From the footage of the game that's been released so far, we can say without a doubt that it is one of the most beautiful ones to ever grace the PS4. The level design is not only spectacular in appearance, but it is also amazingly interactive, as the game forces you to investigate and manipulate your surroundings in order to progress. You work alongside your awesome griffin-like pet, Trico, in order to solve puzzles and overcome various obstacles. The coolest part is hands down the cinematic moments that you trigger, in which the great beast does things like let you ride on its back or grab you out of midair to save your tattooed avatar from certain death. The experience of watching or playing the game is exhilarating as well as breathtaking in all its gorgeousness.

A photo from The Last Guardian's gameplay. #childtattoos #PS4 #taboo #TheLastGuardian #videogames

We here at Tattoodo are particularly interested in how the game will be received once the final product hits the market, particularly in how players and parents will respond to the pint-sized protagonist's tattoos. Given that society is so against youngsters getting body art, we expect there to be at least some amount of outcry about his bodily markings. Other than a few Reddit threads, however, we have yet to see significant commentary on the fact that he has body art at all. We are also very interested to learn whether or not the tattoos effect the game's plot as well. We have a feeling that they have something to do with his connection to Trico and the other mystical elements of the game we've seen so far. Here's to hoping they play a major role in the later levels of The Last Guardian.

An image of the tattooed child protagonist from the upcoming game for PS4 — The Last Guardian. #childtattoos #PS4 #taboo #TheLastGuardian #videogames

We hope you liked learning about this exciting new video game and its heavily tattooed hero. If you want to see some of the amazing gameplay from the opening level, make sure to check out video of the demo below. It looks absolutely mind-blowing, especially since the protagonist has oodles of tattoos, even though he is very much a child (which makes it awkward to say this in the first place). Also, the game is slated to be released on Dec. 6th, right in time for Christmas, so if you play on PS4, consider preordering a copy or just getting it when it comes out.

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