The Latest in The Tiniest of Tattoos

The Latest in The Tiniest of Tattoos

We scour the internet so you don't have to, and we've found you the latest in tiny tattoos.

In Tiny But Mighty, we showcase the latest in the small tattoos made around the world. Tiny is trending, and we’re bringing it right to your screen.

There are a lot of reasons small tattoos are supremely in vogue right now — it might be that you live somewhere where tattooing and/or having tattoos is taboo and illegal; it might be that your family is religious and you want the art without the hassle; it might be that you’re just really into horses but can’t emotionally or financially commit to a huge horse sleeve. Regardless of the specific reasons you might not be rocking a body suit, tiny tattoos are here for you.

Sometimes a tiny tattoo looks like a cute, permanent sticker; sometimes it fits perfectly in the crook of your elbow or the crease of your finger. Artists that specialize in small but mighty ink have mastered a multitude of styles, so any tiny-tattoo-seeker can find the right feel for their itty bitty bite of art.

Pineapples’ individual spikes have depth and shadow in the space of a mere quarter, individual feathers glisten on tiny sparrows. There’s a lot of versatility captured with these tiny tattoos, detailed or not. Plus, there are some masters of the game showing their artistic chops in the ways they can be so minimalist with their work — Michelle Santana, of West 4 Tattoo, a shop known for its tiny tattoo hero JonBoy, shows just how small a cactus can get on a client’s middle finger. Spikey.

The joy of something so small is that it can really tuck anywhere. Those of us with huge tattoos (some of us are size queens) or with lots of detail tucked into a sleeve can’t pepper our bodies with tiny art. There’s simply no space, for the most part. So a tiny tattoo can find its way anywhere, and act as a nice little surprise.

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