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The Look of the Land Around Us: Landscape Tattoos

The Look of the Land Around Us: Landscape Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Feelin' some wanderlust for lands far far away? Escape for a moment with these landscape tattoos.

Landscape tattoos are cool because they basically could be anything as long as they Obviously. So, technically they could be a seascape, or a building, or mountains and sky. It all just seems to be based on whatever you love, wherever you love to be. Many of these landscape tattoos are the typical, but beautiful and much loved, mountains and forests which call to us on many a stressful work day. Then the other people motif seems to be that of vacation get away spots, gorgeous beaches and babes...ocean, palm trees, and golden colored sunsets. It all just depends on what the landscape says to you.

The other cool thing about landscape tattoos is that they can be any style, any aesthetic, any technique really. They could be ultra minimal, linework pieces, or realistic, hyperrealistic...even many a traditional tattoo artist has done their fair share of landscape tattoos. Again, this is a design concept that can be translated into any motif. Perhaps you want a perfect replication of your grandmothers cabin, or a photo realism piece of where you and your love became engaged, or maybe you just want a fun little scribble illustrative piece of your childhood playground.

Or it could be entirely made up, a scene from your favorite movie...there are almost no limitations to landscape tattoos, or to tattoos in general. People do them in a multitude of ways, in a multitude of styles and concepts. There are even artists, like Tattoodo Ambassador Chris Rigoni, who like to take all the styles and gracefully, cohesively, fit them altogether. And he totally pulls it off beautifully. Whatever you're into, we're sure you can find it at Tattoodo. Whether on our app, our site, our Facebook, or IG, the skys the limit. We're just here to support the best work out there and lead you to it!

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