The Magnificently Versatile Lettering Tattoos Of Yuri Sata

The Magnificently Versatile Lettering Tattoos Of Yuri Sata

Milan's Satatttvision tattoo artist Yuri Sata will entice you with his incredibly striking lettering tattoos and style versatility.

Satatttvision, home of tattoo artists Mirko Sata and Trash Flash, proves that they've got everything covered in their Milan studio as I introduce you to yet another incredibly skilled Satatttvision tattoo artist. Yuri Sata is the resident lettering expert of the Italian studio known for the exquisite serpent tattoos of Mirko. It seems that Mirko isn't the only Sata worthy of all the buzz and hype because his typography counterpart, Yuri, is also quite the wizard with scripts and typefaces. 

Yuri does all kinds of lettering, from freehand script to Olde English and even Sans-serif. I found him very versatile in lettering, making him an invaluable asset and permanent tattooer to Satatttvision. 

Yuri's linework is very stunning, his shading is exemplary — he's got hands made for this type of thing. 

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