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The Many Faces of Walter White

The Many Faces of Walter White

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'Breaking Bad' resonated with so many people because of the evolution of its protagonist, which can be seen in these Walter White tattoos.

If you waste your life watching housewives pretend to be real or a bunch of has been rock stars in mechanical swiveling chairs you may not have noticed, but we are in the Golden Age of Television. From The Wire to Mad Men to The Sopranos, the last decade and a half has seen some of the greatest dramas ever to air on the small screen. Fans will fight tooth and nail over which one of their shows is the greatest, but one thing seems to be undeniable — when it comes to tattoo tributes Breaking Bad blows the competition away (with a handful of fulminated mercury).

Considering that there are literally hundreds of tattoo portraits of Walter White, one would think that after a while they would all look the same. But just as White's personality was always shifting throughout the series, each portrait of the science teacher turned meth kingpin in this gallery has its own personality and nuance. 

It's interesting to see which versions of the show's troubled hero people have chosen, a psychiatrist would have a field day trying to figure out the subconscious reasons a client would choose Heisenberg over a meek season one version of White. 

Tattooer Ben Kaye captures an exhausted White still in his hazmat suit with a gas mask on his head, in Nikko Hurtado's portrait you can almost see the evil schemes swimming around White's head as he is deep in thought. Pony Lawson tattooed a conflicted White, and Carlos Rojas depicts our favorite meth dealer/family man breaking through his signature creation. 

One funny thing about all of this is the obsession over Walter White. Yes, he is the star of the show without a doubt, but we really expected to see a lot more tattoo love for Jesse Pinkman. Given Pinkman's character arc and, spoiler alert, much cleaner soul by the end of the series we thought more people would opt for tattoos of him. But it seems like, for the most part, he's only included in sleeves or large Breaking Bad pieces, once again playing second fiddle to Mr. White. 

A dangerous Walter White by Antonio Macko. (Via IG - antoniomackotodisco) #breakingbad

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We hope that you enjoyed this look at the many faces of Walter White. We highly recommend that you binge watch the series for the hundredth time, there are always more little details to notice that will further convince you of the show's genius. But before you do so, make sure to check out the Instagram of each of these super talented tattooers. 

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