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The Many Styles of Illustrative Tattoos

The Many Styles of Illustrative Tattoos

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There are many styles of illustrative tattoos, and this collection will try to show you just how many there are!

We've said it, and we'll say it again: there are so many different styles of tattooing that it really makes our job a whole lot of fun to check them out all day long. Not only are there many different styles of tattooing, there are many different styles within the different styles....let us explain: in this collection of Illustrative Tattoos we show you what "illustrative" can really mean. From Dark Art etchings of the medieval era, to watercolor impressionist musings, these pieces are all about personal aesthetic and style. As always, the perfect fit for you depends on what you want and the artist who does it!

So, Illustrative tattooing is a pretty broad spectrum of styling because it basically just has to look like you could find the same thing, but on a piece of paper or a canvas. Usually this means it looks like a drawing, or even a sketch...a hint of pencil on paper. Sometimes its in color, sometimes Blackwork. Sometimes it super intense and intricate linework, other times it's simple but beautiful. There are many artists out there who embrace this aesthetic as their own partly because it has so many possibilities, and so many places to draw inspiration from.

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