The Marvelous Blackwork Tattoos of Vytautas Vy

The Marvelous Blackwork Tattoos of Vytautas Vy

Lithuanian tattoo artist Vytautas Vy experiments with different kinds of styles and techniques in blackwork.

While many blackworkers stick to one specific style when it comes to their work, Vytautas Vy prefers to deviate and take inspiration from fellow artists to form new designs of his own that mirror popular contemporary styles. He's shown excellent skills in blackwork, dotwork and geometry, combining a range of elements to create chic, modern tattoos. Vytautas tattoos a mixture of nature, portraits, and conceptual designs that make for an eclectic portfolio. 

These days, he mainly works with blackwork and geometry, combining both styles into structured, unique pieces. His more recent works echo the stunning works of Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes who is well-known for his highly-detailed works packed with a variety of different elements. 

Vytautas currently tattoos at Ink Argentum in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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