The Miami Marlins' Team Barber Got a Tattoo to Honor Jose Fernandez

The Miami Marlins' Team Barber Got a Tattoo to Honor Jose Fernandez

Hugo "Juice" Tandron decided to honor the memory of the late Jose Fernandez with a tattoo.

Baseball players are some of the most superstitious people on the planet. Many of them have elaborate pre-game, at-bat, or even on-the-mound rituals that they feel like they must go through in order for everything to go right.

Jose Fernandez was no different. The late pitcher passed away over the weekend in a tragic boating accident, but was well on his way to being one of the brightest young stars in the game.

Before every start, Jose would visit the Marlins' team barber, Hugo "Juice" Tandron, for a hair cut. That may seem excessive, but getting a haircut roughly every 5 days was a part of his routine, and he was pitching well, so who the hell would/should question it?

Tandron shared his many memories with Fernandez on Instagram. #HugoTandron #Miami #MiamiMarlins #JoseFernandez

After Jose's passing, many people honored the pitcher in different ways, and Tandron chose to go the tattoo route. In fact, once he heard of Fernandez's passing, Tandron headed straight for the tattoo shop to pay his respects.

Tandron's Jose Fernandez tribute tattoo. #HugoTandron #Miami #MiamiMarlins #JoseFernandez

Tandron got Fernandez's number 16 and a little Marlin logo tattooed on his right calf in order to honor the deceased All-Star.

As the days pass, I'm sure we will see many Marlins players and others around MLB honor Fernandez in a similar way. Fernandez will be missed and this is a great way to honor the memory of a life cut tragically short. 

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