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The Minimalist Tattoos of Vitaly Kazantsev

The Minimalist Tattoos of Vitaly Kazantsev

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Vitaly Kazantsev's watercolor tattoos are a delight to look at.

Vitaly Kazantsev amalgamates different compositional elements to create minimalist pieces of geometric wonderment. His work is a beautiful combination of blackwork and the watercolor style. Most of the imagery he creates is at once boiled down and highly refined. Most of his tattoos feature graceful yet pronounced figures that are complimented by delicate dotwork, vibrant plumes of color, and shapes like circles and triangles. 

Kazantsev has a background in graphic designs, having graduated from the prestigious Moscow State Mining University with a degree in the field. However, upon trying his hand at tattooing, he feel in love with the art form and has been doing it ever since. One can see the vestige of his former profession in his work. All of his pieces have elements that are inspire by graphic design, such as his use of various geometric figures, silhouettes, and dynamic combination of techniques from piece to piece. 

While all of his pieces have a pleasant airiness to them, especially his minute flowers, some of his most impactful tattoos are those that are devoid of illustrative elements. His work that consists of abstracted geometric sequences have an avant-garde edge to them that makes them stand out from sea of watercolor in the world of body art.

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To see more playful body art, make sure to soar like a tiny rocket over to Kazantsez's Instagram. Should you want a little watercolor beauty of your own, he works at Faux Pas Tattoo in Moscow, Russia and can be contacted at for consultations.

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