The Most Remarkable Back-Pieces from 2016

The Most Remarkable Back-Pieces from 2016

The most badass large-scale tattoos of the year. Period.

2016 might have been a bad year for all sorts of reasons, but it was one hell of a time for body art, and here are some of the best and biggest tattoos from around the world to prove it. These large-scale masterpieces will knock your socks off, so get ready to be blown away, because here come the most badass back-pieces that have come out over the last 12 months.

This year some of the best artists in the industry were commissioned to create some killer body art on the largest canvas on the human body. Here there are examples from nearly every genre of tattoos. Some of the most astounding pieces were executed in black and grey realism. Take Niki Norberg's depiction of Christ's crucifixion or Tomas Vaitkunas' ghastly religious imagery for instance. There were some stunning back-pieces done in color realism as well, as seen in Jesse Rix's The Lord of the Rings tribute and Oleg Shepelenko's depiction of a leopard prowling through a rain forest.

Though most of the superb back-pieces came from the genre of realism, some of the very best work of the year was done in other illustrative styles. Tons of excellent Irezumi came out, and Regino Gonzalez's fearsome dragon was unparalleled. In the traditional camp, Valerie Vargas' massive illustration of a sorceress caressing her griffin took first place. Though not many examples of back-pieces done in abstract made it into the top ten of 2016, Nissaco's intense geometric blackwork was a shoo-in.   

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An incredible mashup of history in black and grey via Virlan Eduard (IG-virlaneduardtattoo). #backpiece #blackandgrey #chariot #mobsters #realism #VirlanEduard #worldmap

If you were blown away by any of these epic back-pieces, make sure to visit the Instagrams of the artists who created them. Also, if you are considering making the commitment to get the biggest kind of tattoo of all, as these piece of body art demonstrate, these are some of the best tattooists in the world to do it.

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