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The Most Tattoo-Friendly Workplaces

The Most Tattoo-Friendly Workplaces

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There are some really dope companies out there that are down with tattoos.

One of the biggest arguments against getting tattoos is that it will affect your career possibilities in the future. It's an unfortunate stigma associated with body art, but it definitely still exists. Recent polls show that around 42% of people find tattoos to be inappropriate in the workplace, with 63% of people 60 years and older finding them inappropriate.

Visible tattoos still carry a stigma in most companies, but not as much as before. #HandTattoo #WorkplaceTattoo #TattoosAtWork

Some of the most tattoo-friendly companies are vastly successful and are at the forefront of the movement to be more accepting of the culture. Businesses like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, Ikea, Best Buy, Kohl's, Google, Amazon, and Zappos are among some of the most tattoo-friendly places to work.

Giant companies are more accepting of visible tattoos these days. #HandTattoo #WorkplaceTattoo #TattoosAtWork

The attitude towards tattoos in the workplace is changing rapidly as well. A recent poll found that 73% of people would have no problem hiring someone with visible tattoos. Not even hidden tattoos, visible ones!

Visible tattoos aren't seen as the stigma that they once were. #HandTattoo #WorkplaceTattoo #TattoosAtWork

Unfortunately, most hiring managers still prefer that tattoos be easily hidden, meaning neck, hand, and facial tattoos are still a big no-no, but progress is being made. Acceptance takes baby steps, not giant leaps.

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