The Mystical Hand Poked Tattoos of Tati Compton

The Mystical Hand Poked Tattoos of Tati Compton

Let Tati Compton pull you into a world of hand poked fantasies, mystical women, and celestial beings.

Growing up, Tati Compton (whose real name is Tatiana Fox) was quite the magical girl with her butterfly and rose tattoos by the dozen.

“I always wanted tattoos since I was a little girl,” she told iD - Vice, recalling how she'd insist her stick-on tattoos were real when boys asked her about them because she wasn't completely sure what a real tattoo was. 

But if there's one thing Tati is sure of, even then, it's her love for tattoos — a love that sprouted from child-like admiration. Tati lost her tattoo virginity while heartbroken and listening to Metallica with a friend who pulled her into the magical world of stick ‘n’ pokes. She's been tattooing for years now, finding passion in hand poked creations.

The California-born tattooer spent a few years polishing her craft at the prestigious Sang Bleu in London, then flew back to California this year to start fresh. Upon returning to Cali she resumed business, doing kickass hand poke tattoos as usual after having settled in Los Angeles. 

And she's been doing it the same way since she first had a taste of ink — raw and eye-opening. 

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While her techniques have improved and evolved since then, Tati stays faithful to hand poking. She mostly does simple linework pieces, sprinkled with dotwork. I marvel at how clean and seamless her lines can get, almost as if they were precisely outlined with a tattoo machine rather than hands and their unsteadiness.

In an interview with Dazed, the hand poke tattoo artist describes her works as, “Feminine but not girly. Delicate but bold. Organic, like it’s meant to be there.” 

Tati greatly involves heavy mysticism and women. She illustrates these celestial-looking women by the dozens, bearing crescent moons and the cosmos. They're both beautiful and powerful.

When she's not tattooing deities and other supernatural forces, Tati does ornate designs and has a love-hate relationship with social media.

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Meet the rest of Tati's mystical hand poke ladies on her Instagram. Cover photo via @seine.magazine, interview with i-D and Dazed Digital.

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