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The New Kid on The Block: Fleur Noire

The New Kid on The Block: Fleur Noire

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In this edition of Tattoodo's Guide to NYC Shops we say hello to Williamsburg's newest and most charming studio.

Sunny, airy and filled to the ceiling with plants, fine art, and some of the kindest people we’ve ever met — Fleur Noire is absolutely fucking gorgeous. It’s hard to believe that the double decker beauty located on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg has only been open for three months, as the open layout, incredibly inviting vibe, and overall airiness of the place seem to hint that it’s been around for years, but success has come seemingly overnight to the Brooklyn parlor. Of course, a shop’s aesthetic  would mean nothing if its artists weren’t equally as impressive, but low and behold, Fleur Noire has this covered, too. Boasting nine artists, two floors, and a backyard, Fleur Noire is destined for legendary status among the Brooklyn tattoo community.

Entrance of Fleur Noire (photo by Alex Wikoff) #guides #NYC #blackwork #illustrative #traditional #FleurNoire

Shop Overview

Artist Stations (photo by Alex Wikoff) #guides #NYC #blackwork #illustrative #traditional #FleurNoire

One of the things that the  owners of  Fleur strive for is to make you feel completely at ease. “I definitely think our shop is a little more palatable for people that aren’t involved in mainstream tattoo culture,” says Perry. “There’s a lot of femininity in this shop that’s a good balance for everybody.” 

Stations and back patio (photo by Alex Wikoff) #guides #NYC #blackwork #illustrative #traditional #FleurNoire


From left to right: Co-owners and artists Burak Moreno, Laura Martinez, and Sam Perry (photo by Alex Wikoff) #guides #NYC #blackwork #illustrative #traditional #FleurNoire

The Nitty Gritty Details

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