The New School Sleeves of Halasz Matyas

The New School Sleeves of Halasz Matyas

Take a look at some of the most artistically adventurous artwork we've ever seen.

The true test of an accomplished artist is whether or not they can make an artistically inspired sleeve without becoming repetitive while maintaining a theme. It’s a real undertaking, one that artist Halasz Matyas has mastered time and time again. While his work often deals with underlying themes — things like tropical birds, food, Star Wars, and even intergalactic animals — Matyas’ imagination is chalk full of endlessly creative scenarios. What’s more is that he creates them all with a wonderfully artistic approach to the new school style. Often incorporating geometric inspired elements as a part of the overall theme, and never once repeating himself.

Full sleeves are a test of creativity, stamina, and endurance both on the part of the artist as well as the client. When done correctly, a sleeve can be a beautifully coherent masterpiece, one that conveys a central idea flawlessly whether it be an ode to various types of flowers, favorite Halloween characters, or maybe a favorite television show, and Matyas’ work does just that. Working out of Dark Art Tattoo in Budapest, Matyas’ work is an extremely colorful take on new school in all senses of the phrase. 

Using elements of geometry, his tattoos look like a fragmented version of the whole, of course not subjectively speaking, as his work is consistently coherent, but rather, stylistically. Using what can only be described as fragments or shards, his tattoos look as if they’ve been shattered only to be put back together again, each tattoo riddled with sharp splinters that make up the larger picture — a mosaic of sorts. This is perhaps best seen in his tropical birds sleeve, which at first glance look as though their coloring coincides with where their feathers begin and end, but upon further examination actually denote the shards that run throughout the entire sleeve.

Subjectively speaking, his work carries a certain ease that flows seamlessly from shoulder to wrist. Themes like food, animal astronauts, and throwback Nintendo games are thoroughly hashed out and explored. His Nintendo sleeve, for example, references classic video games like Donkey Kong, Mario, and Pacman all through the use of settings and characters that’s a true tribute to early Nintendo and is centered around the idea of nostalgia.

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If you ever happen to find yourself in Budapest, be sure to pay Matyas’ a visit. His beautiful take on the new school style is one of the most artistically adventurous we’ve seen in awhile.

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