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The Night to Celebrate: Top Tattoos of 2018!

The Night to Celebrate: Top Tattoos of 2018!

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As the ball drops to announce the arrival of 2019, Tattoodo celebrates the Top Tattoos of 2018!

Today of all days, New Years Eve, we brought together this collection of the Top Tattoos of 2018. We're sure you follow us on Insta, you check out our site on the daily, and you even use our app to book your next tattoo appointment with the tattoo artist of your we've let you do the choosing and we love the outcome. It's funny, we're always looking out for trends in the community because if we know what you like, we can make sure you get oodles of it...and looking at this selection of pieces...we can definitely see some interesting fave fads.

So get this...these Top Tattoos of 2018 have some particular inclinations. We mostly see that people love to get pet portraits, which is a given considering that the furry friends in our lives holds our hearts so dear! But we also see that out of all pop culture out there, out of every movie, show, band, famous person and more...somehow Rick and Morty beat them all out to place twice in the Top Tattoos of 2018! Which, again, we totally understand. Binge watching Season 3 of Rick and Morty was, by far, one of our most favorite moments of the year hands down. And we almost burst into tears of happiness when we found out in October that the show would be coming back to Adult Swim for 70 more episodes!!! Woot Woot! 2019 is already lookin' good.

We also noticed that fine line, super detailed, small works of art also placed high in the Top Tattoos of 2018. And we're pretty sure that this is because pieces like that continue to blow our mind with their creativity, artistry and craftsmanship. Our lives are constantly filled with tattoos...we look at them all darn day, and think about them even when we're asleep and dreamin'....and just like crazy motivated and devoted tattoo artists inspired us this year, we look forward to that same sort of passionate creativity in 2019. So heres thanks to the artists, shops, clients, collectors, and fans of tattoos around the globe...we wouldn't be here without you!

Written byTattoodo

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