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The Only Time Being Stabbed Is Cool: Hand Poke Tattoos

The Only Time Being Stabbed Is Cool: Hand Poke Tattoos

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Hand poke tattoos are a special skill within the tattoo community, and this collection shows off the style to its best advantage.

Non electric tattooing has existed, obviously, way beyond the modern electric tattooing we all know and love today. As much as most of us all love the buzzing sound that comes along with coil tattoo machines, this collection of hand poke tattoos gives a hats off, so to speak, to all the artists who paved the way for the incredible art form of tattooing, as well as the artists who continue that tradition today. From the new school of dot tribalism and folk traditional, to Irezumi's Tebori tradition, we've brought these pieces together to show how hand poke tattoos are done right. 

You may think, when you hear hand poke tattoos, of crappy dot like messes that were created in your best friends kitchen during an all night binge of rather questionable drugs and personal choices, and although some of those tattoos capture memories that you would never replace in a million years, we promise that artists who are really serious about the craft of hand poke tattoos give non electric tattooing a fair and fabulous name. Tati Compton and Jenna Bouma, aka Slower black, are a couple of the leaders of this super old school style who have supported the growth and respectability of the artistry with their pure devotion to awe-inspiring works.

So, again, even though those party tattoo favors are fun and unforgettable, albeit a little dangerous and sus, we hope the hand poke tattoos in this lovely selection of pieces shows off the craftsmanship behind stickin' n pokin'. It's not easy being a good tattoo artist' it takes time, talent, and an incredible amount of effort and love. Sure, everyone can pick up a sewing needle and jab at themselves with a lil ink long enough to have something to show for it, but they'll never stand the test of time, nor compare to these gorgeous masterpieces of tattoo history.

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