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The 'Overlap Project' Brings Tattooists Together

The 'Overlap Project' Brings Tattooists Together

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The art of different tattoo artists comes together in this cool experimental project.

At the Naples Tattoo Convention in 2015, one single masterpiece was exhibited... 'The Overlap'. But, what was the Overlap Project all about?

Throughout the year, artists from all over the world were given different canvas limb to draw and paint on (an arm, a leg, or a torso). Once their tattoo pieces were designed, the body parts were put together to create mesmerising artworks in which art literally overlapped.

I think we all love bringing different tattoo artists and styles together... that's what we do as tattoo writers and event organisers. To see epic work from artists all over the globe come together to create something beautiful, sends a truly inspiring message.

Overlap Project, photo from South Ink Tattoo Shop Instagram #overlapproject #art #painting #southinktattooshop #poster #panther #traditional

The Naples convention was hosting the Overlap Project showcase the 7th time - the exhibition has been travelling to different tattoo events for many years. Follow the hashtag #overlapproject to find out more.

Written byRebecca

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