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The Persistence of Memory: Strange and Beautiful Surreal Tattoos

The Persistence of Memory: Strange and Beautiful Surreal Tattoos

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The art movement Surrealism may have technically ended in the 1930's but these Surreal Tattoos show how alive it still is.

The art movement surrealism was active between the 1920's and 1930's...but it is still going strong! Inspiring artists all over the world, these surreal tattoos show how deeply surrealism resonates with us. Perhaps that's because it is based on our inner most worlds...our dreams, and subconscious thoughts. Perhaps that's also the reason why these surreal tattoos are so strange and other worldly...many artists created these pieces from a place of free thought, or automatic drawing. There are many games that surrealists used to play to create and become more in touch with their imaginative worlds.

Perhaps the most well known of all the surrealist games is Exquisite Corpse. This game involves a group of people creating a work of art together, but without knowing what the other person has added to the piece. For drawings, you simply fold the paper so that your piece of the drawing is unseen, and then others add on. For poetry, everyone chooses a random group of words and then strings them together to make a strange literary piece that hopefully taps into the subconscious space that surrealists are so interested in. You could almost see how some of these surreal tattoos look like they borrow parts and pieces of things, merging them together to form something entirely new and interesting.

Surreal tattoos aren't for everyone, but they are inspiring and prove that although the old adage is that "everything has been done for" is definitely not true! There are many things yet to be created, especially because we are each endowed with our own special voice. Surreal tattoos show the creative world within, and even if you don't consider yourself an artistc person...we're sure that these pieces will get those creative juices flowing...and you know you can always play a fun, weird surrealist game!

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