The Philly Tattoo Convention's Got Way More to Offer Than Just Tattoos

The Philly Tattoo Convention's Got Way More to Offer Than Just Tattoos

Here's our essential guide to all of the must-see happenings set to go down at this weekend's highly anticipated tattoo convention.

It should come as no shock that we’re pretty damn excited for this weekend’s 19th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention right in the heart of Philly. If anybody knows how to throw a party — um, I mean, business function — it’s the Villain Arts crew. Yeah, no, it’s a party. 

The entire weekend is quite literally just one big, buzzing, bustling party, and while of course bearing witness to over 1000 artists hailing from roughly 600 shops from all over the globe is our main priority — we enjoy great food, strong drinks, buying cool shit and feasting our eyes on some crazy spectacle just as much as the next guy.

We already mentioned a select few of the performers that are going to be doing their thing at the convention this year — like The Enigma, The Half Pint Brawlers and the stunning  burlesque diva Marlo Marquise — but that’s only a very small taste of what’s in store.

The convention is going to be filled with many other things, such as classic sideshow acts, comedy routines, celebrity appearances and death-defying antics like body suspension. 

Alakazam the Human Knot will return to the Philly Convention this year to wow the crowds with his insane contortion act, and convention-goers will be able to witness a real-life Strongman by the name of Ttiano Oddfellow. Philadelphia’s own Whiskey Kittens will dazzle audiences with a cabaret show, adult film stars Kleio Valentien and Payton Sin Claire will be mingling with guests throughout the weekend, and horror fans will have a few things to look forward to as well; Either having the chance to meet Robert Mukes, aka “Rufus Jr.” from Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, or shitting their pants because one of the Circus Rejects snuck up behind them.

It sounds like a lot — I know. That’s because it is. And it doesn’t stop there. The fun definitely does not end once the artists pack up and the convention shuts down for the day.

Alakazam The Human Knot puts on a hilarious act consisting of both contortion and comedy. #alakazamthehumanknot #contortionist #sideshow #phillyconvention

There are pre-arranged after parties the entire weekend, boasting perks like discounted cover charges and drink prices with a convention stamp or wristband. From Philly staples like the appropriately named bar Tattooed Mom to a slightly different vibe over at Cheerleaders Gentlemen's Club — the folks over at Villain Arts have pretty much got you covered from morning until... well, morning.

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The Circus Rejects are total sweethearts, really. Photo via The House of Tortured Souls. #circusrejects #phillyconvention

What we’re trying to say is — rest up. It’s going to be a long, rowdy weekend and you're not going to want to miss a single second of it.

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