The Pink Ignorant Style Tattoos of Adam Traves

The Pink Ignorant Style Tattoos of Adam Traves

Dip your fingers into the creative and subversive work of Adam Traves and his queer-themed ignorant style tattoos.

A year ago, Adam Traves was jobless and living off of making amateur tattoos in his home in New Zealand. With nothing but his ‘better-than-average homejob’ tattoo skills and an adventurous spirit, he hopped on a plane to Melbourne, Australia. 

Overlay skull tattoo by Adam Traves. #AdamTraves #overlay #linework #pink #skull

Adam found a home in Crucible Tattoo Co., where he now spends his days doing mostly ignorant style tattoos. The 28-year-old identifies as queer and incorporates a substantial amount of elements that celebrates being queer in his works.

Overlay sculpture tattoo by Adam Traves. #AdamTraves #overlay #linework #pink #greek #statue #sculpture

Adam's works consist of ignorant style pieces, layering some of his tattoos with overlays in pink ink — has there ever been a more glorious color? He also does abstract and semi-abstract pieces, characterized by distorted lines and hints of pink. On top of all that, Adam is also no stranger to deconstructed tattoos which he only recently started getting into.

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Queer femme tattoo by Adam Traves. #AdamTraves #gradient #pink #pink #queer #lgbt

See the rest of Adam's fantastic queer-inspired works on his Instagram.

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