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The Piss Drunx — Skateboarding's Most Infamous Faction

The Piss Drunx — Skateboarding's Most Infamous Faction

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Skateboarding was under the spell of the 6-member friendship group known as the Piss Drunx, until it all fell apart.

If you were a teenager in the late 1990's or the early 2000's, chances are you picked up a skateboard. If you weren't brave enough, or skilled enough, to pick up a board, you most definitely played some iteration of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game series.

The Piss Drunx were a ragtag group of skaters known for their extreme and unorthodox skate style, as well as their excessive drinking and drug abuse, as the name implies. The group consisted of Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Ali Boulala, Aaron Pearcy, Jim Greco, and Dustin Dollin. The group dominated skateboarding in the early 2000's, and their impact on the skate community as a whole was undeniable.

Everything was riding high for the sextet. Their fanbase kept growing at a rapid pace, they were making money doing what they loved, and their drunken antics were celebrated and glorified amongst those around them, and their fans.

The Piss Drunx logo was tattooed on many members, along with their fans. #PissDrunx #Skateboarding

This PD logo became so ingrained in skate culture, it began popping up everywhere. The logo wasn't just a mark for the group of friends who started it, it became synonymous with anyone remotely related to skate culture who liked to party. It was on shirts, skate decks, shoes, the Piss Drunx were a global phenomenon.

Masters of their craft, the Piss Drunx, unfortunately, could only come crashing down. Their extravagant lifestyle of drug use and drinking would lead to an event that likely changed the lives of everyone in the group.

Shane Cross and Ali Boulala. #PissDrunx #AliBoulala #ShaneCross

Following the experience, many of the Piss Drunx had their eyes opened in a way that had never occurred before. It shattered their reality that there were no consequences for their actions, it changed their views on their actions, and it made them realize they didn't need the life of excess and overindulgence anymore.

In what is perhaps an ironic twist of fate, many of them have sobered up. Reynolds, Greco, Boulala, and Ellington have all gotten sober, and Dollin has toned down his lifestyle as well. While they no longer refer to themselves as Piss Drunx, the group still remain friends and titans of the skateboarding industry.

The legacy of the Piss Drunx is one mired in controversy, tragedy, and at times, some of the best skateboarding in the world. 

Written byJoe

I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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