The Prettiest Henna Inspiration from Bella Henna

The Prettiest Henna Inspiration from Bella Henna

Consider This Research for Your Next Mehndi Inspired Tattoo

Deciding what you want for a mehndi inspired tattoo can be a somewhat challenging process. There’s no real terminology to describe tessellations, different patterns, or even the way a certain line curls. While it can often be tricky with other styles of tattoos, bringing in a photo of what you’re looking for can often be your best bet when it comes to describing what you want out of your mehndi inspired piece, and mehndi artist Rachel Goldman, aka Bella Henna, is here to help.

Traditionally used as a form of adornment for Indian weddings, henna is made from a combination of the dried leaf powder from the henna plant and turmeric. Combined, the two form a sort of temporary stain that lasts about one to three weeks depending on the quality of the henna used. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Goldman is a traveling mehndi artist with a background in fine art. Her mehndi is a compilation of various influences like sacred geometry, west African patterns, and collagraphy, the art of gluing any tactile object onto a harder, flatter surface, like cardboard, and making it into a stamp of sorts. Creating obsessively intricate patterns that wrap and curve around every surface, Goldman spends hours tending to each dome, curve, and pattern in each piece, much like her Indian counterparts. And while Goldman’s creations are only temporary, they’re a great way to test out what sort of patterns and placement you’d like for your more permanent, mehndi inspired tattoo.

You can learn more about Goldman’s mehndi creations here, as well as follow her on Instagram.

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