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The Rainbow Connection: Creative Color Tattoos

The Rainbow Connection: Creative Color Tattoos

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In this collection of color tattoos, we show off some pieces that use vivid tones in creative ways.

Obviously 'color tattoos' is a broad statement, so we've narrowed it down to some pieces that use color creatively...whether it's an interesting use of vivid pigments, an insight into emotive color theory, or simply an eye-catching design using intense hues, we can't help but stare at these works of art. Typically, when people think of color tattoos, they think of traditional flash or old school designs, compositions that use the "bold will hold" philosophy of chroma, or perhaps they think of brilliant and dramatic Irezumi sleeves. Whatever you think of when you think of ink with a cast of coloration, we promise that these tattoos will put a whole new spin on it.

One of the best ways an artist can use color is by paying attention to the story, this is the palette of inks that a tattooist applies to create a cohesive piece. Rion's take on the famed Hokusai wave is a good example of this; the pigments are all warm fall tones. This color tattoo immediately makes you think of nature, not just through design but through tint as well. Junior is another artist who takes inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, however his piece has extraordinary saturation which gives the composition a lot of energy...perfect for a fire enthroned frog deity!

Color theory is an interesting aspect of artistic mastery, and one you probably don't really think of much when tattoos come to mind. But, believe it or not, the hues and tints an artisan uses has a big influence on the way you feel and think when looking at their work. Certain shades emote certain emotions. Many people feel hope and happiness when viewing yellow. Red is passionate and energetic, while green expresses stability and naturalness. Often this is all on a subconscious level, so when checking out this collection of color tattoos, try to note how the creative use of tints pulls you in!

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