The Realistic Portraiture of John "Yogi" Barrett

The Realistic Portraiture of John "Yogi" Barrett

These ultra-realistic portraits will blow your mind.

John "Yogi" Barrett has been on our radar for quite some time. In fact, we've written about him here, and here, and he has been mentioned countless times in roundups of our favorite tattoos over the years. Tattooing out of Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery in Senoia, GA, Barrett has made a name for himself primarily thanks to his trademark mashup tattoos — where he flawlessly intertwines hyper-realistic imagery with traditional themes.

Signature mashup style by John Barrett (via Intagram - @yogi_barrett) #yogibarrett #johnbarrett #realism #portrait

Pretty amazing. 

While he is without a doubt most often acknowledged for these unique "mixed stylings," Barrett would not be able to pull off those types of super intriguing mashups without unmatchable strength of technique in a variety of styles. After all, they wouldn't be as cool if the photo realism was pristine, but the traditional was janky, or vice versa. He can do it all. 

So, this time around, instead of focusing on those crazy-unique, mind-shattering mixed media tattoos of Barrett's, we're going to hone in on realism alone. He's done some pretty rad realistic work that deserves honorable mention and, well, we're gonna give it to him. 

Check out him on Instagram for more. 

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