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The Ridiculous Michael Phelps Death Stare at RIO Inspires a Tattoo

The Ridiculous Michael Phelps Death Stare at RIO Inspires a Tattoo

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"I will now blow this pool up with my mind" - Michael Phelps' stare. Oh and someone got it tattooed.

While Phelps biggest competitor Chad le Clos, who beat him in the 200-meter butterfly in London in 2012, was getting ready for the semifinal, cameras caught Michael's ridiculous face expression. It caught a lot of people's attention, and the internet made sure it was an instant Olympic classic: Michael Phelps being caught by the cameras giving a gold-medal deserving death stare. 

Michael Phelps ridiculous facial expression #swim #sport #competitors #michaelphelps

Someone even already got it as a tattoo and the results are pretty awesome. It just so happens that the artist who did it, Livia Tsang, actually tattooed it on her own boss, Ricky Fung. Take a look below

Michael Phelps by Livia at Chronic Ink in Toronto! Too Funny 😂 #michaelphelps #deathstare #rio2016 #olympics

It was the right call for Ricky to start out his leg sleeve with this bizarre Phelps face tattoo, adding: "I wasn't even a big Phelps fan before this, and I'm not really a swim fanbut just seeing him go out and win the way he has has been inspiring to me." (

Of course, his face wasn't just changed into a tattoo. The Internet made sure it got some more spotlight. 

Rumors say that Fung is planning to fill up his leg sleeve with other portraits of inspiring athletes and let's follow up!

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