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The Sea is the Universal Sewer: Sea Lion Tattoos

The Sea is the Universal Sewer: Sea Lion Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

A sea lion tried dragging a little girl to her watery demise — the ocean is a scary, scary place

"The sea is the universal sewer." — Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

It’s one of those moments that becomes infamous the minute someone uploads it to social media — which at this point can be within the same 20 minutes as the incident itself. The video immediately went viral, first across various platforms and now across news sites. Tourists all along the dock in Richmond, British Columbia, reacted immediately, and the girl’s grandfather dove into the water to save her. Speculation of what the family might have done to entice the beast started immediately — Did they feed it? Why was she so close? But the truth is, animals are animals. They don’t act maliciously or even with ill intent, they simply follow their own base, natural instincts.

So remember, while you might really feel a kinship with these joyful, flippered beasts — they are, indeed, still beasts. You can have a nice sea lion tattoo while also respecting that these are hungry critters bent on eating and living their lives.

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