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The Sensual Fine Lined Black and Grey Work of Talley Matthew

The Sensual Fine Lined Black and Grey Work of Talley Matthew

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It's all in the details and placement.

There’s something inherently sensual about fine lined black and grey tattoos. Maybe it’s that particular air of mystery that comes with the territory, after all, when you were younger didn’t you think of a person with a black and grey sleeve as particularly enigmatic? It could also be due in part to the subject matter that is often found in the fine lined black and grey style, and artist Talley Matthew is creating some of the best we’ve seen.

Based out of Los Angeles, Matthew focuses primarily on organic subject matter with a bit of a bite, if you will. Thorny roses, wicked spiders, slithering snakes, and beautiful blades make up the majority of his portfolio. The tiniest of details compose his incredibly sensual tattoos, which can easily be seen in the delicacy of the spider’s web, the long stems of the roses, and the cautionary thorns that accompany them. Each of his subjects is incredibly alluring, making you want to reach out and touch them, but like most beautiful things, his come with a little bit of pain.

Placement is yet another one of Matthew’s strong suits. Best seen in the breathtakingly beautiful long stemmed rose creeping all the way from the breast bone, down through the sternum to the ribs, his long and winding placement only adds to the overall erotic nature of the piece. What’s more, is that these incredible placements never distract or hinder the overall tattoo, in fact, they add to it. The depth, precision, and beauty behind each of Matthew’s pieces is consistent throughout, regardless of the unique placement, and all of these elements combined are what makes his tattoos so undeniably sensual.

If you’re longing to join the brooding, enigmatic cool club, look no further than Matthew’s incredible black and grey work, and if you happen to be in New York, you’re in luck. Matthew will be guesting at Kings Avenue Tattoo in Manhattan’s Lower East Side January 21st-24th. You’re welcome.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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