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The Serene Spirit Guide: Moth Tattoos

The Serene Spirit Guide: Moth Tattoos

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Moth tattoos are full of symbolism, and we hope this collection inspires some magical feels just for you.

Perhaps one of the most popular insect designs ever, moth tattoos are an ever present visual within the tattoo community...and there are many reasons why. Not only beautiful, but also full of symbolism, people resonate with these creatures from the natural world. And although there are many reasons why someone may get a moth tattoo, we hope this collection shows there are so many styles and concepts out there that show this lovely insect to its best advantage. Nature is a constant influence for many of us; it's wonderful to show that through the art form of tattooing.

While you may think that moths are creatures of the night, most of them also fly by day! They also outnumber butterflies 9 to 1, and scientists have already discovered well over 135,000 different species of moths! How crazy is that? While some are teeny tiny, there are also moths with 12 inch wing spans like the Atlas Moth. Known not only for its size but its beautiful bronze coloring as well, this particular species can be found in many a moth tattoo. Unfortunately, though an incredible insect, the Atlas Moth only lives for about one to two weeks...this may be partly due to the fact that they do not have mouths! They feed off of their fat supply for their short life...which is just about as crazy as people using their cocoons as purses. It's a trend in Taiwan, we swear.

But perhaps you don't get moth tattoos for all the weird and wonderful things about them...but more for their magical serenity and symbology. While the moth obsession with light may be the butt of some jokes, think of it this way: they symbolize determination and faith in following the light. Moths also symbolize a connection with the moon, deep love and attraction, and much more...what do these moth tattoos symbolize for you?

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