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The Southern Waterfront Gem, Anonymous Tattoo

The Southern Waterfront Gem, Anonymous Tattoo

Tattoo Artists2 min Read

Take a stroll with us through Savannah to see the sights and appreciate this downtown gem.

A walk down any of the major streets downtown, especially on a humid, slightly foggy day, will make you feel like you’ve entered a period drama. Spanish moss hangs from almost every tree, and early century brownstones lean in close to wooden signage and historic ironwrought fire escapes. Savannah, Georgia is known for its haunting beauty. It’s also an open container city, so that mystical feeling might just be that Bloody Mary in your hand.

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Dean Denney working on a client's shoulder, with a wall of his flash behind him. (Photo by kd diamond) #AnonymousTattoo #ShopProfile #SavannahGeorgia #Savannah #Georgia

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Hateful Kate
Written byHateful Kate

Tiny illustrator and artist rocking out in Red Hook, BK.

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