The Spectacular Sacred Geometric Tattoos of Thomas Hooper

The Spectacular Sacred Geometric Tattoos of Thomas Hooper

This Texas-based tattooer is a veteran in the business and his extensive portfolio proves that he isn’t playing games.

If you’ve been searching high and low for a seasoned blackwork artist with a knack for intricate sacred geometry, then you may want to give Thomas Hooper a look over.

Thomas Hooper is a blackwork artist who tattoos at Rock of Ages Tattooing in Austin, Texas. Originally from Hastings, East Sussex, Hooper studied drawing at The London Institute of Art & Design. After completing his studies, he then moved from the UK to New York to pursue tattooing and art. According to Hooper, his work draws inspiration from “the sanctum of nature and natural forms, the unconscious, mathematical and geometric patterns, cosmology, and eastern religious images,” and his seasoned technique has helped him stand out among other tattooers working in this style.

Hooper is perhaps best known for his mandalas, which have an almost three-dimensional effect due to his variation in line weight. By coupling thick black outlines with delicate dotwork, he creates dynamic designs that appear to move on the skin. These innovative techniques can only be attributed to the many years he has spent in the business and his continuing ambition to bring new ideas to the industry.

Today, Hooper primarily works on large-scale designs, including sleeves and back pieces. The large canvas space allows for Hooper to create expansive designs, that when examined carefully, show hours’ worth of intricate detail work. Clients travel from around the world in the hopes of being tattooed by Hooper and many have developed strong relationships with him over countless hours spent tattooing intricate masterpieces. Hooper’s tattoos show that he is both an artist and a craftsman, which are both essentials for a great tattooer. To see more of Thomas Hooper, be sure to check out just a few of his brilliant designs below.

Thomas Hooper works out of Rock of Ages in Austin, Texas. If you can't get yourself to the only city in Texas worth a damn, give him a follow on his Instagram. 

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