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The Sting Is Worth It: Scorpion Tattoos

The Sting Is Worth It: Scorpion Tattoos

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The scorpion tattoos are seriously sting worthy; the piece might be painful but you'll look cool forever

Perhaps one of the most brutal tattoos out there, scorpion tattoos put fear into almost every human...except those ones that just have them in cages around their house for, you know, fun. These creepy crawly little guys have a sting that is actually much like the feeling of a tattoo machine on your skin: painful af. Some of these dark dudes can kill you actually...and although these scorpion tattoos obviously don't have that power, maybe they'll inspire you to go get some heavy duty insect ink injected into your skin. It may be slightly painful, but its better than any other poison we've found!

Believe it or not, as terrifying as they can be, scorpions do have things in common with humans. They give birth to live babies, unlike most insects who lay eggs. They can also have incredibly long captivity they've been able to stay alive for up to 25 years. Bumpin n grindin is not just a human social activity...apparently scorpions also dance before mating. And although we'd rather check out more scorpion tattoos than go to literally any dance club or bar in the world, thankfully we've already gotten our wish thanks to this awesome selection of pieces.

Perhaps getting a scorpion tattoo is like a talisman against getting stung by one. Or maybe it is that they just look really cool and badass. We're not sure. Nor do we really care as long as this scorpion tattoo trend continues. If this collection of pieces gets you right in the feels, then check out our app. There are tons of artists, shops, and tattoos waiting to be discovered by you! And if you have any feedback, want to see more of a certain tattoo or style, or just wanna show us your brand new ink, hit us up! We'd love to hear from you!

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