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The Striking Multidimensional Mash-Up Tattoo Style of Varo

The Striking Multidimensional Mash-Up Tattoo Style of Varo

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South Korean tattoo artist Varo is owning the scene with his unique brand of tastefully conceptual mashup tattoos.

The South Korean tattoo scene never seem to run out of talent with their rising stars and local legends. The list of artists to admire, from The Land of the Morning Calm, is long. Among them is Varo, a tattoo artist based in Busan.

Varo specializes in the mash up tattoo style, characterized by its strong blend of different tattoo styles and elements in one conceptual piece. By looking at his works, it seems that Varo likes tinkering with neotraditional and black and grey styles the most, which he then coalesces with traditional American style and hyperrealism.

Skulls and black and grey pieces with strong stand-out tones are prominent subjects in many of Varo' tattoos. He also does a lot of portrait styles a la Jay Joree, with men and women's silhouettes encasing landscapes and the open sea.

Varo does not just mix and match his elements just because either. The South Korean developed an eye for what works and what doesn't—which plays a big part in executing tattoos.

Popculture inspired Pinnochio by Varo #popculture #pinocchio #disney #reflection #darkdisney #Varo

Varo currently tattoos at LightHouse Professional Tattoo in South Korea.

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