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The Stunning Fine Line Tattoos Of Mr. K

The Stunning Fine Line Tattoos Of Mr. K

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Let Mr. K of the famed Bang Bang NYC stun you with his impressive fine line tattoos with his sought-after signature single needle technique.

While Los Angeles has Dr. Woo for some sensual single needle tattooing, New York has Sanghyuk Ko or Mr. K. The South Korean-born artist is a resident tattooer at Bang Bang NYC. Tattooing alongside the likes of fellow fine line tattoo artist, Balazs Bercsenyi and the young, talented Oscar Akermo, Mr. K brought in his own distinct style and skills to the house of Bang Bang which made up for one powerhouse of a tattoo shop.

Mr. K has been in the scene for the past six years, growing and taking in as much as he can to improve his art. He is currently Bang Bang NYC's resident micro tattoo specialist, well-loved for his subtle, black and grey tattoos which he carefully crafts with a series of other techniques such as pointillism, crosshatching, and the use of geometric patterns and structures.

“Growing up I was always looking for the finest pen I could use for my art projects,” he said. The South Korean-born artist began his career in tattooing with a background as a graphic designer as foundation. Early on, he had an eye for precision, subtlety, and fine linework. “When I began my career in the tattoo industry, naturally I was drawn to the intricate details of the micro style.”

Above is a stunning single needle rendition by Mr. K on a remarkable piece from a portrait illustration series, “Triangulation” by English artist, Josh Bryan.

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