The Stylized Floral Tattoos of Yuuz Tattooer

The Stylized Floral Tattoos of Yuuz Tattooer

Illustrative floral work that's Japanese inspired.

Stylized floral tattoos are some of our absolute favorites, especially when the colors tend to be softer and lighter. With clean lines and profoundly beautiful depth, they’re built to last the test of time. Artists like Alice Carrier and Kirsten Holliday have brought attention to this style of floral designs in recent years, and now artist Yuuz Tattooer out of Seoul, South Korea is taking on the style in a darker, richer, and deeper tone.

With a background in both Japanese and illustrative style, Yuuz’s flowers are an intensely interesting hybrid of the two. Drawing influence from traditional Japanese imagery like chrysanthemums, cherry blossom branches, and the occasional Irezumi inspired snake, his work is absolutely breathtaking.

You can see more of Yuuz's work here.

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