The Surrealistic Blackwork of Abes

The Surrealistic Blackwork of Abes

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Abes is the tattoo name of Sebastiano Damiano, a resident artist at Off The Map tattoo studio in Italy.

Life is not a one way path: this is a well-known fact and the career of Abes certainly proves it. The background of this young artist is far from art. Indeed, he first pursued management and administration courses. When his love for body art became too strong, he had the chance to meet one of the greatest tattoo artists in his country, Alex de Pase. 

After seeing the promising talent of Abes, de Pase offered him an apprenticeship at Off the Map. With solid notions of traditional and more contemporary tattooing, the young artist has turned toward blackwork. His bold tattoos play with illusions and surrealism. Dark yet witty and sweet, the art of Abes will make you love black even more.

Images from Instagram.

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