The Sweetest Hearts by Nat G

The Sweetest Hearts by Nat G

This Melbourne artist has somehow managed to include emotion and incredible detail between the lines of her tiny hearts.

Sometimes all it takes is a small canvas to accurately convey the message you’re trying to get across. While full body suits, back pieces, sleeves, and the like are a great way to tell a compelling story or impart a specific feeling, time, or place, occasionally all it takes is a small space, a talented artist, and a really great idea. Enter artist Nat G of Good Luck Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia. Taking one of the most unassuming shapes, and fashioning it into a tiny window through which we can peer into the beaches of some tropical island, stare longingly into the eyes of the cutest pup ever, or reminisce about the shared bond between Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Nat G proves that sometimes all you need is a little love.

Tattooing in the traditional style, Nat’s hearts are composed of bold, black outlines and a bit more muted pastel coloring than is normally found in this style. Using the hearts as a sort of narrative device, she creates bite-sized beauties that tell a snippet of story in a split second. Absolutely adorable cats and puppies, scenic landscapes, and even Marge and Homer’s abridged love story are all common subjects among her tiny masterpieces. If you look closely, you can even spot the tiny details that further illustrate the short but sweet message hidden in every heart. The initials “C.D.” can be found drawn in the sand of beach, just as the unspoken bond between Homer and Marge can be felt — eyes closed, fast food in hand, swaying in time to the music that is somehow present, even if not fully illustrated — it is somehow still felt. That’s the beauty in Nat’s wonderful hearts though, she somehow manages to pack more detail and emotion into each piece with a few tiny, easily missed details than any text ever could.

Whether it be a memorial piece, scenic landscape, or a token of our travels, Nat’s work is the sweetest tribute to whatever your little heart desires. Swing on over to Nat's Instagram for more.

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