The Tattoo Fixers Remedy This Man's Justin Bieber Tribute

The Tattoo Fixers Remedy This Man's Justin Bieber Tribute

A dad took this Justin Bieber tattoo to The Tattoo Fixers so he wouldn't embarrass his son in the future.

Getting a Justin Bieber tattoo will draw the ire of many, but it hasn't stopped many people from getting tattoos dedicated to the Canadian pop star. People who are dedicated to a celebrity will get a tattoo honoring them, regardless of the presumed shame it will bring them.

A 25-year-old dad named Nathan recently took his tattoo dedicated to Justin Bieber to The Tattoo Fixers in order to have it erased from his body.

The main reason Nathan wanted to have this tattoo removed is because he feared it would cause his child to be bullied. The "abuse he might possibly get" didn't seem worth it to the father, so he brought the tattoo to Alice, Sketch, Jay, and Paisley for a fixin'.

Though he is getting the tattoo removed, he still claims to be a Belieber, but "after four years of thinking (the tattoo) was cool, I’ve decided to grow up." 

He's not the only one who is happy to see the tattoo removed. Apparently Nathan's SO wasn't a big fan either. "The missus hates on me for it — she despises it. We’re getting married next year, got a little one, he’s three-and-a-half months old now, so I think it’s time for me to grow up."

The Tattoo Fixers got to work, after a hearty laugh at Nathan's expense, and decided to give him a tattoo of a "gentleman" for the soon-to-be newlywed. It looks to be a neo-traditional tattoo that definitely covered up any evidence of a Bieber tattoo.

How did Nathan like it? "Oh my God. That looks amazing. I’m literally speechless. That looks unbelievable," is what he said right after checking out his new ink. 

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Hopefully Nathan doesn't live to regret covering up his Bieber ink, but I'm sure he won't. If he does, he can just head to another tattoo parlor and get another tattoo dedicated to the "Baby" singer. 

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