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The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Antony Flemming

The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Antony Flemming

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In this artist spotlight for The Tattoo Shop we take a look at the life and times of Antony Flemming.

In Episode 4 of The Tattoo Shop we get to meet Antony Flemming visiting from London, England. Skipping college, and instead landing an apprenticeship to learn the craft of tattooing, at the age of 28 he is one of the most respected names in the tattooing community. Continuing to tattoo out of World of Tattoos in London, the shop he got his start in, Antony is well known for his personal style and lush design elements that incorporate the natural world around us.

Blending Neo-traditional, Realism, and even Japanese elements he admits that he’s always had a difficult time pinning down his style to one specific thing, but without the label his creations are brimming with a spirit of their own. “My whole life I’ve liked animals, and I’ve just taken that into my work. When I draw a piece what I do is I take a reference pice from nature, so like a real picture of a bird, or whatever, and then I’ll just draw on top of it so that I’ll add the embellishments, and the jewels…” Using this technique his work has a fluidity and cohesiveness that lends itself well to the delicate details his animal tattoos inherit.

Antony Flemming tattooing his wife, Belle Jordan #AntonyFlemming #guestartist #thetattooshop #miami #wynwood #tvseries #facebookwatch
Antony Flemming tattooing his wife, Belle Jordan #AntonyFlemming #guestartist #thetattooshop #miami #wynwood #tvseries #facebookwatch

Speaking about his background he elucidates how the art form of tattooing came into his life. “I was at school and we studied Japanese woodblock prints. A lot of tattooing uses that imagery...and I decided I wanted to tattoo myself. I went into, actually, the shop I work in now to get tattooed and as I was getting the tattoo the artist asked me if I would be interested in doing tattooing. And at that point I didn’t really see it as a career because I thought I was going to go to university, but they asked me to come in, sort of as a trial, and I ended up loving it.” For The Tattoo Shop’s Episode 4, Antony tattooed his wife, Belle Jordan, giving her a beautiful bird snuggled within a nest of blackberries and wrapped with a string of luminescent pearls.

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