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'The Tattoo Shop' Artist Spotlight: Chris Garver

'The Tattoo Shop' Artist Spotlight: Chris Garver

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In this artist spotlight for 'The Tattoo Shop' we take a look at the life and times of Chris Garver.

Known for his incredible work ethic and dedication to the traditional Japanese style, Chris Garver is a globally renowned tattoo artist who continually raises the bar. Owner of Five Points Tattoo in New York, Garver is a welcome resident artist at 'The Tattoo Shop' who has continually produced awe-inspiring tattoos during his career. Not only a great tattoo artist, Garver has published books, collaborated on clothing lines, and even delved into the craft of ceramics. A mixed media artist of the highest caliber, 'The Tattoo Shop' gives a look into his process as a tattooer.

Garver grew up surrounded by art and was fortunate enough to have parents who supported his artistic tendencies. Selling his bass guitar at the age of 17, he picked up a cheap tattoo machine and started tattooing his friends as practice. After a short 6 month stint as an apprentice, he began to tattoo clients of his own and soon moved to New York to further his career. He’s never looked back and still considers the day he turned to tattooing as absolute kismet. “It was like a dream come true, my dream life and it still is. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

'The Tattoo Shop' marks a reunion with his old friends from Miami Ink, and gives a chance to show his philosophies on tattooing to a greater audience. He remarks that success is something you have to work hard for, and it’s clear to see that his outlook has stood the test of time. Because shows like 'The Tattoo Shop' have made tattoos more mainstream, Garver thinks artists should continue pushing their craft to the highest levels. “I think a lot of older tattoo artists are lazy and they dont wanna have to work hard. And their lazy style isn’t gonna cut it anymore because people are seeing the most amazing tattoos.” And considering his own work ethic, and masterful craftsmanship, 'The Tattoo Shop' promises to serve up more of his awesome tattoos.

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