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The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Chris Nunez

The Tattoo Shop Artist Spotlight: Chris Nunez

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In this artist spotlight for The Tattoo Shop we take a look at the life and times of Chris Nunez.

Described in the past as the quintessential ladies man, Chris Nunez has created a body of work that speaks to his dedication and respect for the tattoo industry. Coming back together with Ami James, Chris Garver and more, Nunez is a mainstay in The Tattoo Shop community with a style all his own. Not only is he an important presence in The Tattoo Shop, but he’s also known for being a judge on Ink Master, as well as for his Florida based shop, Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, graffiti was the first art form Nunez was drawn to. He soon discovered tattooing and immediately recognized it as the career of his life. Although he lost his father at an early age, the fortunate turn to tattooing enabled Nunez to garner an incredible amount of success through his natural talent and diligence. He has mentioned multiple times that his experience as an apprentice, starting from the bottom and working very hard towards the top, is something that he is still exceptionally grateful for. And even though he is seen as one of the top tattoo artists out there, he still remains humble, “Oh, God, I mean the beauty of tattooing is that there are so many unknowns that are so good, that blow me out of the water...there are so many guys out there who deserve so much more credit and are so much better and so much more bound to it and get so much joy from it” This unpretentious, authentic outlook is one that Nunez fans hold dear; it’s a great part of his charm.

Although he was known for being a partier in his younger years, The Tattoo Shop perfectly illustrates Nunez’s move towards a healthier, enlightened life. He says, “I’m not wanting to leave my kids behind just because I made bad choices.” Engaging sacred practices like the use of Shamanic Amazonian snuff, Rapé, as well as meditation, prayer beads, and more, Nunez has enriched his life and found a peace that was missing in his former years. This new direction has also enhanced his love for tattooing. “It’s really about the soul that goes into the tattoo, it’s about the magic that the tattoo creates, it’s about what that tattoo can do for somebody…”

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