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'The Tattoo Shop' Artist Spotlight: Dannii G.

'The Tattoo Shop' Artist Spotlight: Dannii G.

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In this artist spotlight for 'The Tattoo Shop' we take a look at the life and times of Dannii G.

In Episode 7 of ‘The Tattoo ShopDannii G stops by for a guest artist spot. Although he was born in Colombia, he now works in Dallas, Texas at Folklore Trading Company. At 23 years of age he’s already made a name for himself through his pure artistry and masterful application of the Traditional style. Bold, vivid colors, ultra clean lines, and just the right balance of detail and simplicity, make Dannii’s style stand out from many Traditional artists in the industry today. His concise voice and definitive direction into the heart and soul of Traditional tattooing supports the creation of tattoos that inspire ink aficionados around the globe.

A great deal of his time is spent researching and drawing vintage flash; replicating the designs and really focusing on what has made them such timeless pieces of art. “Lately I really enjoy doing lady heads..I’ve just been focusing on redrawing and replicating older stuff. Its something that’s never going to go out of age...nice lines, a lot of black, solid color..I feel like it heals the best, it looks the best over time, you know?” While tattooing at ‘The Tattoo Shop’, he and Tommy talk about how to develop style. Tommy says “If you redraw it enough you start developing your own little ways to draw it, ya know?” Dannii agrees, “Exactly.”

Most tattoo collectors are aware that their favorite artist is probably in big demand. Many of these artists focus solely on personal work; the creations are better because it’s what the artist is passionate about, and what they’re best at doing. Dannii has come to a point in his career that allows him to do the same. “So, what I’m trying to do lately: instead of people asking for stuff, when they email me I’ll be like ‘Hey man, I got 60 drawings that you can choose from.’ I feel like this way it’s just more because of the art, you know? Because you like someone’s work, you can get something that they’re stoked on doing.” Flipping through one of his sketchbooks it’s easy to see how Dannii G’s devotion to Traditional tattooing has helped in creating an inspiring and strong portfolio. For more insight into his process, and to see his work firsthand, check out Episode 7 of 'The Tattoo Shop', Tattoodo and Facebook Watch’s brand new show!

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